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Bardsley Associates specializes in the effective implementation and use of technology in organizations.  Our approach takes into consideration not only the technical issues, but also the strategy, people, culture, team dynamics, decision-making, change management, policies, processes, budgets, workflow, ongoing support, and organizational issues that can be critical to an IT project’s long-term success.

"Sometimes big changes come down to pivotal moments when you must bring people together to achieve a larger goal. These big, high-stakes meetings take weeks of preparation. We can guide you through it."

–Jackie Bardsley


More than Traditional Project Management

Our broad approach goes beyond the typical technology- focused project management firm.

Anticipate: 30 plus years of experience has given us the insight to anticipate the variables that affect a software implementation.  This allows us to address issues before they become serious problems.

Facilitate:  We know that business process changes will be required in order to gain value from the new system. We are skilled change agents that can work with people to take the emotion out of the discussion.  We do this by helping the staff define the business requirements and then objectively evaluate alternatives that result in decisions that can be embraced by those affected.

Latest Insights

Overcoming Resistance to Change in Organizations

Sometimes perceived resistance isn’t coming from where you think it is. In this recent white paper, Jackie Bardsley, a Certified Management Consultant with over 35 years of experience, shares her insights.

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